Hey. Hi. Hello.

Sounds N Spirits was formed by two girls with a particular passion for everything music. Liz + Joyce first bonded over their mutual fantastic taste in music and their shared desire to dig as deep as possible into the worlds of artists and their product.

Sounds N Spirits is a blog dedicated to bringing new sounds to the masses as well as conveying the spirit behind the music.

Here at SNS, we like everyone. We’re firm believers of Ezra Koenig’s gem of a thought that “there is no such thing as ‘bad music’” so we don’t plan to hold back.

We’ll spotlight new/unknown people. We’ll spotlight well-known established artists whose names are already known the world round. We’ll most likely even talk about an artist you don’t like and -hopefully- convince you to give em another look. Heck, we could even attempt to convince you to give Gregorian Chants a try.

Here you’ll find interviews with artists, reviews of shows and records, tunes that we think the world should jam to, and other things generally pertaining to the world of music entertainment. We’ll talk about venues and sets and albums and genres and the best place to listen to what and basically everything music.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride y’all. Hopefully you’ll find your new favorite artist somewhere in our depths!

– L + J