THIS JUST IN: Greek Tragedy // The Wombats

Disregarding a rogue single in late 2013, it’s been quite a while since the world has gotten new music out of The Wombats. Their sophomore album, This Modern Glitch, was released back in 2011 yet still remains one of my current favorite albums – so needless to say, the premiere of the first single off of their upcoming third record has had me all kinds of excited. “Greek Tragedy,” off of the highly anticipated Glitterbug hitting stores early this coming April, first hit airwaves Wednesday as BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe’s “Hottest Track in the World,” with the video going public on YouTube the next day. This single sticks to the typical Wombats style – quirky song that manages to marry an upbeat instrumental with slightly downer lyrics about things not working out – but definitely shows the band’s ability to grow and mature in sound. The video, though dark and somewhat disturbing, is a beautifully made gem that had me pressing repeat for hours. All in all, “Greek Tragedy” is definitely my favorite thing about 2015 so far – give it a listen and see for yourself!

As of today, you can get the track on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. You can also pre-order Glitterbug on iTunes, Amazon, or The Wombats’ website.

– L