Interview: Young Rising Sons Talk Touring With The 1975 and…Man Buns?


Photo: Joyce Jude Lee

We’re in the middle of a chilly holiday season, but it’s never a bad time to listen to some upbeat alternative music that reminds us of warmer times.

Young Rising Sons, a four-piece alt-rock band based out of New Jersey can provide just that.  Consisting of lead singer/guitarist Andy Tongren, lead guitarist Dylan Scott, bassist Julian Dimagiba and drummer Steve Patrick, Young Rising Sons are fully equipped to deliver anthemic alt-rock that is both uplifting and honest. SiriusXM Alt Nation and others across the globe have all received their debut single “High” with enthusiasm. This single, as well as the rest of their self-titled debut EP, boast varied instrumentation and vocals that showcase the band’s rough edges and soulful sweetness.

I had the chance to speak to Andy Tongren before they played a show to a sold out crowd with The 1975 in San Diego, where we got to know the band a little better.

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SNS: How did the band come together?

Young Rising Sons: The other three guys are from New Jersey and they’ve known each other playing in bands that play shows with each other. I met them about five years ago, I was going to school in New York City and I was just playing acoustic in a bar, and they happened to be there. And they needed a singer, so I went to hang with them and jam a little bit, and it was instant chemistry. It kind of felt like a movie, to be honest. Now we’re best friends first and band mates second.

SNS: Congrats on being signed to Interscope! That’s huge.

YRS: Thank you so much! It means a lot to us, to have that family with us.

SNS: What are you musical influences?

YRS: We listen to everything, I grew up with a lot of Mo-Town, Temptations…that kind of stuff. We all kind of draw from somewhere else. We try to bring a little soulfulness to the music. We are big fans of Queen, Americana, Bruce Springsteen, being from New Jersey, that’s huge for us.

SNS: What are you up to musically then? Are you working on a new album?

YRS: Yeah, ever since we’ve been signed, we’ve been on tour. The little breaks that we get, we go to the studio to finish the album. It should be out early next year. Probably like March. We’re really excited about it, it’s going to give people a much deeper perspective as to who we are as a band and who we want to be.

SNS: What’s it like touring with The 1975?

YRS: It’s been great, awesome. The shows have been fantastic, the fans have been great. The one thing I noticed most is that everyone that comes to these shows, they’re music fans. You can see it in the lines, they’re around the corner! They stay overnight and when doors open, they’re right at the front of the stage. It’s been an honor to play to fans like that.

SNS: Any memorable fan experiences?

YRS: One thing I noticed is that the fans are very forward [laughs]. They don’t hold much back, which is awesome, cause we’re the same way. We want to hear what people have to say, whether it’s appropriate or iinappropriate[laughs]. Just some interesting requests…I don’t want to elaborate too too much, but I’m sure you guys get the idea…[laughs].

SNS: What do you have planned after the tour?

YRS: We’re going to head back in the studio, in upstate New York. We’re working with Shep Goodman, Shep is a manager on the project as well. We just have to put the finish touches. We have most of it done, just trying to get a few more songs for the deluxe version!

SNS: What’s it like to hear your songs on the radio?

YRS: Actually, the first time we heard it, we were all together. We had just finished up our first or second tour in LA. We’re in a car, back to LAX. It’s like…have you seen that movie that thing you do? It was kind of like that moment when they’re in the appliance store and it comes on and they lose it. It was…surreal.

SNS: Did you sing along?

YRS: I felt weird, haha. I was kind of just in a daze and looking out the window. It’s a really wild experience and we’re really fortunate to be able to have that.

SNS: Your song was also on “Selfie”?

YRS: Yeah, that was cool. We were on tour when it aired, I haven’t seen the show, but apparently it’s pretty popular cause a lot of people were tweeting at us. It was also in the trailer for “This Is Where I Leave You,” that movie with Tina Fey. It’s a really good movie.

SNS: Last Google search?

YRS: Let’s get some dirt…Hmm. It might have been man buns, to be honest. Dylan’s been doing it, he’s been pulling it off.

SNS: Favorite drink?

YRS: Whiskey. I love tequila too. I’m a big tequila guy.

SNS: Messiest band member?

YRS: Dylan…

SNS: Funniest?

YRS: Steve. Steve’s a weird guy. But weird in a funny way.

SNS: Dream festival line up?

YRS: Bruce Springsteen, The Killers, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson.

SNS: Dad of the band?

YRS: We all have our moments, so we don’t really have a dad of the band. Maybe Julian?

SNS: Most annoying in the band?

YRS: Probably me…I always kind of trail off in thought when people are having an important conversation. I make people repeat themselves a lot.

SNS: What’s your favorite song to perform?

YRS: We started playing a new song that’s going to be on the album called “Fucked Up.” The reaction is always fun, everyone gets really into it.

SNS: Just cause you’re touring with them, what’s your favorite The 1975 song?

YRS: What’s that one song, “Pressure.” I like that one. John, the sax player, is fucking outstanding. He’s my favorite part of their show. I went to school for jazz, so I can always appreciate that.

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