This Just In: “Medicine” // The 1975

Liz and I have been eagerly awaiting for new music from The 1975 for a while now. The last time we heard new music from the group was when they released their self titled debut album over a year ago.

In comes our favorite DJ, Zane Lowe, who spent 18 months putting together songs for a rescoring of the movie, Drive. Along with BANKS, Bastille, CHVRCHES, to name a few, the Manchester quartet put together a brilliant track for Lowe’s project.


“Medicine,” for those familiar with the band, sounds soft and subtle, almost like a continuation of the band’s EP, Facedown. The soft, pillowy sounds wrap about the lyrics and transform what could have been an ordinary song into a soundscape that is perfect for Lowe’s project.


I find it hard to say
Even in a state of you and I.
And how can I refuse?
Yeah you rid me of the blues,
Ever since you came into my life.

Because you’re my medicine
(Yeah, you’re medicine)
Yeah you’re medicine
(You’re medicine, yeah, you’re medicine)

I, I wanna marry you.
Said I, I adore you.
And that is all I have to say,
You opiate this hazy head of mine

Matt Healy (The 1975) explains the song "Medicine"

Matt Healy (The 1975) explains the song “Medicine”