Gig Review: Catfish and The Bottlemen at The Constellation Room

Photo: Joyce Lee

Photo: Joyce Lee

Riding on the wave of British indie bands looking to gain an audience overseas, Catfish and The Bottlemen made a stop in Santa Ana to play an intimidate show to fans ahead of  the release of their debut album. The band has already sold out many dates of their UK tour, which starts at the end of their US tour. Their brilliant first effort, The Balcony, is already out In the UK, but won’t be out in the states until January; until then, do yourselves a favor and youtube their discography for goodness sake!

The band’s latest singles, “Kathleen” and “Cocoon,” have both started to make rounds on BBC Radio and Alt Nation here in the states. These radio plays introduced many to the British rock band–many of those in attendance came to check them out after listening to those infectious tracks.

On Friday night, the four “LIIIIIDS” (as Van likes to call themselves) played to a packed room of receptive fans. Though their set list was only eight songs long, every song packed a punch as Van scattered around the stage with swagger and rocked out on every corner of the small stage with his band mates.

DSC07170Every moment of the set made me wonder why I ever veered into electronic/electronica music–there is truly nothing as great as guitar driven rock. If their music isn’t enough to persuade you to see them, their drum skin should–it’s got Sir Ewan McGregor’s face on it (legends).

The band will return for a more extensive US tour after the release of their debut album in America in February. And if festival producers do their jobs properly, expect to see these four Brits play at a few festivals when the season rolls around.

Set list:

1. “Rango”

2. “Pacifier”

3. “Fallout”

4. “Sidewinder”

5. “Kathleen”

6. “Cocoon”

7. “Homesick”

8. “Tyrants”