Album Review: “Evergreen” // Broods

Photo credit: Kyle Dean Reinford

Photo credit: Kyle Dean Reinford

BROODS have come a long way since I last spoke to them in February. After playing a string of intimate shows in the states early this year, Caleb and Georgia Nott have toured with Ellie Goulding and Haim. As if supporting those female powerhouses wasn’t enough, the New Zealand natives are now touring with Sam Smith. Along the way, the siblings have gained massive traction and a big following in their own right.

They released their debut, Evergreen, on August 22nd in their home country and it shot straight to Number 1 in the New Zealand charts. The dream pop vocals Georgia carries paired with Caleb’s thwacking of the drum pad and syncopated synths made this LP a fantastic listen. It lived up to my expectations in every way; expectations were especially high after hearing “L.A.F.” and “Mother and Father,” a song that all twenty-somethings can relate to (especially if you’re away/about to move away from family).

While the duo teased us with their EP Broods, this full length proved even more impressive. Working with Joel Little, the wonder producer who helped curate the entirety of Lorde’s debut, Broods capitalized on their songwriting skills and innate musical talent to make Evergreen the stellar album it is.

When listening to the album, a few thoughts repeatedly came to mind:

1. “L.A.F.”-“Man, this is so damn good I can listen to it all day. AND there’s a Spice Girls reference?! Win.”

2. “Bridges”-“Ah, still a good song (despite the fact that I’ve had it on heavy rotation since hearing it in February).”

3. “Four Walls”-“This is making me sad…but in a good way.”

4. “Evergreen”-“Oh wow, I dig this. Caleb’s voice is really coming through. The synths kind of remind me of flickering lights…cinematic.”

5. “Everytime”-“Man, I wish I could sing like Georgia! This is unfair…”

6. “Mother & Father”-“Definitely my favorite song on the album…yep. The chorus just hits home so hard. Parents are awesome, I love my mom. Note to self: don’t listen to this on repeat after moving to New York.”

I’ll spare you the time and leave the rest of the album for you to devour; just know that Broods are making some incredible music and bringing back credible pop music.

BROODS will be playing a one-off, all ages show in Los Angeles next Monday, Oct. 13th at the El Rey–BE THERE.