This Just In: “Yellow Flicker Beat” // Lorde

Lyrics from "Yellow Flick Beat" from Lorde's Facebook

Lyrics from “Yellow Flick Beat” from Lorde’s Facebook

After teasing fans with lyrics to “Yellow Flicker Beat,” Lorde finally dropped the tune this morning. The 17 year old powerhouse is not only featured on this song for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1,” but is also curating the movie soundtrack herself.

Now, you may be skeptical of how good a song for a movie can be, but this is a good one. “Yellow Flicker Beat” features haunting vibes, yearning vocals, and bright synths; the drums lurking in the song evoke imminent war, making this song fitting for the “Hunger Games” series. In fact, this song sounds like a continuation of Lorde’s debut Pure Heroine, but a cut that just happens to sound like it could be Katniss’ fight song. Have a listen.