Gig Review: Jack Garratt Smashes It At The Bardot

Jack Garratt // Photo: Joyce Lee for SoundsNSpirits

There exist special individuals in this world–individuals who you listen to and say to yourself, “Thank God they’re sharing their talent with the world.” Jack Garratt is one of those individuals. After gaining attention from his London gigs and attracting massive crowds at Reading and Leeds Festival, Garratt jetted across the Atlantic to grace America with his massive tracks off his Remnants EP (which you should definitely buy).

On Monday night, the bearded Londoner played his first American show at the Bardot in Hollywood as the headliner of the night. Despite being put on at 11:30, Garratt hit it out of the park with his set. Though the set was relatively short, Garratt poured his emotions and love for music into every single one of his songs, and the audience gave the love right back to him. The crowd bopped along as Garratt crooned “Drown me in the water,  drown me in the sea, lose me in the dark, drag me to the deep, let your water wash over me” and rounded off the soulful and powerful song with crazy guitar licks. I have to say, I never knew a song about “Water” could be so entertaining.

Moving onto slower tracks like “I Couldn’t Want You Anyway,” Garratt showed off his slower side, limiting the production on the song to piano and vocals with minimal synths. He closed the set with “Worry,” which is perhaps his biggest tune to date (BBC Radio 1 recently placed the song on rotation). Unsurprisingly, Garratt kept the crowd going throughout the entire set, and you could tell that the crowd did not want the show to end.

What makes Jack Garratt so special is that he produces a sound so massive you’d think there are three people in the band. What’s even more impressive is that he does it so damn well, and with soul and class. Equipped with a loop pedal, drum pad, piano, guitar, and an incredible knowledge of what good music should sound like, this one man band/producer/singer is definitely one to watch.