After speaking to ASTR in February over the phone, I was always in the wrong place whenever they came around for a gig. But finally, I caught them when they played a gig as a special guest for Apple’s Speaker Series after they did a brief Q&A session. Leading lady Zoe and producer extraordinaire Adam talked gigs, recording, and hobbies, but my favorite part of that Q&A was probably when the duo revealed that Joe Jonas, who they ran into at Lollapollooza, was an unassuming DJ who dropped “booty” tunes all night. Who would’ve guessed?


While the duo entertained the crowd with their witty personalities, I was really waiting for the performance. After a brief interlude, ASTR gracefully took the stage. The duo hit it off, starting with Zoe’s current favorite, “We Fall Down.” Before moving into the rest of their set, Zoe and Adam asked to have the volume turned up and quickly jumped into “Razor,” “R U With Me,” and “Blue Hawaii.” Throughout every song, Zoe belted her lungs out and danced her  heart out; this is especially impressive considering the event was not at your typical venue. The duo carried an air of New York swagger in their movement.  Closing out with their biggest hit to date, “Operate,” Zoe thanked the crowd for coming out to see them, and their performance was received with warm applause. Twas a good Friday night indeed.