Triumphant synth is the genre, Magic Man is the band. But what really is triumphant synth, and how would this translate live?

Magic Man aren’t like your typical opening acts–it’s genuinely a rarity to see fans wearing the opener’s merchandise and singing along to the songs at a show. But all this happened when the Boston quintet opened for Panic! At The Disco at MSG Theatre (MM are on The Gospel Tour with Panic! and Walk The Moon). Before they had even come on, excitable fanatics started singing “Happy Birthday” to Joey, the drummer of magic man, who had just celebrated it two days prior.

After a prolonged and headbanging prelude to their first smasher “Waves,” front man Alex Caplow jumped onto the stage bouncing off the walls right off the bat. After the first song, Alex introduced the band and thanked everyone for their applause and support before jumping into their set, which continued with “Nova Scotia” (off their debut EP “You Are Here”) and crowd favorites “Texas” and their new single, “Out Of Mind,” during which guitarist Sam Lee ripped through some impressive guitar riffs. The instrumentation was on point, and so were the dance moves–during the set I could have sworn Alex Caplow is the American answer to Coldplay’s Chris Martin with the distinctly recognizable voice and fun, untamed dance moves.

From beginning to end, Magic Man delivered–I mean they really delivered. The energy did not stop for one second; by the time they closed the set with their biggest song to date, “Paris,” the whole crowd was vibing off of every beat this band churned out. Feeling the immense energy and love of the crowd, Caplow even closed their set by jumping into the crowd. Keyboardist Justine Bowe showed off her vocal chops by taking over the “Paris” chorus while Alex lied in the audience to absorb its positive energy.  This unassuming Boston quintet have catchy songs, but their live talent just goes to show that the sky’s the limit for this buzzed about band.