This Just In: Don’t (Music Video) // Ed Sheeran

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about why you should listen to Ed’s Multiply (X) and one of the tracks I singled out was “Don’t” in which he boldly calls out a previous lover who clearly “f**ked with [his] love.” In the video released today as support for the single, he manages to portray the message through an oddly satisfying method – a rags-to-riches tale of an incredibly talented dancer. Despite the song’s quite obvious pinning of the blame on the other party, the video seems to lack any sort of blame at all – though underlying message of “look what you missed out on” is still felt strongly – and focus rather on the main character’s insanely wicked dance skills bring him success in life. This video had the potential to be horribly overdone and/or tacky but instead played with sound design and storytelling to create a unique and entertaining companion to a killer tune.

– L