I first heard of Drowners through a friend who had shown me “Luv, Hold Me Down,” and I was instantly hooked. With post-punk vibes, founded choruses, and spunky guitar riffs, their tracks reminded me of “Is This It”-era The Strokes (here’s lead singer Matt Hitt covering “Someday“). But with relentless gigging, Drowners are quickly establishing their own image in the music scene, and success is surely only a moment away for this New York quartet.


I got a chance to sit down with a band before their gig with the Temples earlier this year after they released their debut LP. You can watch the whole, uncut chat at the end of this post.

How did you all meet?

DROWNERS: I [Matt Hitt] was a one-time internationally renown swimmer and I swam the Atlantic Ocean to New York, and my arms have since withered. That was in 2011, and the first pub I walked into, Jack [Ridley III, guitarist] was there. Met Erik, similar fashion, we started playing together, with the old drummer.


DROWNERS: “Viper’s Greatest Hits”…Britney [Spears]. The Gun Club…we all listen to different stuff, but those are the biggies.

Matt, you used to model a bit, did that help with your present gig?

DROWNERS: Nope, no. I mean, if you look at the way I walk and pick up my guitar, it’s actually a bit of a hindrance.

How does living in NYC, and being a New York band influence you?

DROWNERS: Well, it’s very expensive to live in New York, to be a band there. So it forces you to sort your shit out and get your shit together. That’s probably helped things move faster. If it was cushy, we’d probably still be practicing, and not having gigs.

How does the rest of the year look like?

DROWNERS: Summer…will slowly fade into autumn, in the dark…and then into winter. *laughs* We are touring until June, and then I don’t know what’s happening in the summer, hopefully working on our tans. Another tour in October, it’s mostly touring. I guess that’s what happens after an album comes out.

Weirdest place you’ve ever played music?

DROWNERS: We had a practice session outside a disused firework station in South Dakota…yeah that was weird.