Album Review: Ghost Stories // Coldplay

Some of you may be wondering why, with all of the excitement Joyce and I have shown over the past months in preparation for this moment, we have yet to provide an album review for Coldplay’s latest release, Ghost Stories. To you I say: this album is actually so overwhelming we needed two weeks to recover from the initial exposure.

Chris Martin, lead vocalist as well as lyricist of the band, recently announced his “conscious uncoupling” from his wife of ten years and mother of his two children, Gwyneth Paltrow. After listening to Ghost Stories, I fully understand why that announcement came when it did. Always a couple to hide from the spotlight, I thought it was really odd that they announced their divorce so publicly but if they hadn’t done it, Ghost Stories would have. A complete departure from the joyous days of Mylo Xyloto, this album shows Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Will Champion, and Jonny Buckland going back to their roots with sounds similar to that of their Parachutes or A Rush of Blood to the Head days while oozing of heartbreak and love lost. And though this album is not what we’ve come to expect from the quartet, I’m going to say it might be their best yet. Chris Martin himself has said that this album is “exactly what they wanted to do” and it shows through the fluidity and beauty that is Ghost Stories.

Track by Track:

Always In My Head: An ambient beginning that sets the mood for the whole album, this track prepares listeners for the journey they’ll be taken on over the next 42 minutes.


The album’s leading single, Magic is a beautifully heartbreaking reminder of Coldplay’s beginnings. This song is much more reminiscent of Parachutes than Mylo Xyloto or Viva La Vida.

Ink: This song showcases the experimental aspect of this album – Coldplay’s venture into synthetic drum beats. Ink is one of the more upbeat songs on the record.

True Love: One of the crowning moments of this album, this track manages to couple the old with the new perfectly creating a hybrid Coldplay sound.


Coldplay released this song as a way of announcing their album back in February so as expected this half-way point in the album almost feels like an intermission of familiar before listeners are taken to the most personal tracks Coldplay’s ever produced.

Another’s Arms: Another heartbreakingly personal track from Chris Martin, the backing vocals and music of this track are haunting enough to earn the album it’s name.

Oceans: This song is so similar to the songs of Parachutes that I get nostalgia for the days of “We Never Change” and “Sparks.”

A Sky Full of Stars: The only truly upbeat tack on the record, A Sky Full of Stars is the bone thrown by Coldplay to the fans who were expecting another album the likes of Mylo


A stunning track that’s almost hard to listen to it’s so well done. This will be up there with “Fix You” and “Clocks” as one of the songs Coldplay is remembered for.

You can buy Ghost Stories in stores now or on iTunes

– L