Gig: The 1975 Transforms Club Nokia Into a Dance Hall

Adam Hann (Guitarist, left) and Matty Healy (Lead Singer/Guitarist, Right)

Adam Hann (Guitarist, left) and Matty Healy (Lead Singer/Guitarist, Right)

Straight after playing Coachella this past Sunday, the 1975 kicked off their third North American Tour at Club Nokia on Wednesday night (April 16th). White strobe lights flashed against the black backdrop as the four Manchester boys (Matt Healy, Adam Hann, Ross Macdonald, George Daniel) strolled onto the stage with plenty of swagger and confidence. From the get-go, it was easy to see how embraced the quartet already was in America. Entropy dominated the night as young fans swooned at lead singer Matt Healy’s every move.  Healy’s vocals and the band’s infectious songs incited incessant cheers and screams that filled the room as the band played “The City,” a drum heavy tune that was followed by “Milk” and “M.O.N.E.Y”.

Though the band has been considered a newcomer by industry folk, its members have actually already been a band for 11 years, and they possess the showmanship and talent to prove it. Powering through slick guitar riffs and head banging drum beats, the band went through a series of dancey hits (‘Head.Cars.Bending,’ ‘Heart Out,’ ‘Settle Down,’ ‘Girls’) and maintained the audience’s attention the entire time.  A highlight of the show was ‘Menswear,’ a synth-pop tune that only has vocals laid on in the latter half of the song. The varying beats and textures beneath the song showcases the band’s versatility and cross-genre appeal that ought to win them even more fans in America.

Matty Healy

As Matt Healy took swigs of red wine on stage, he danced around just as if he were a member of the audience, which made the entire experience resemble a 80’s dance party rather than a concert. Even as The 1975 played slower, older cuts like ‘You’ and ‘Me,’ they had the audience in the palms of their hands. Their seemingly effortless performance was topped off by a solid three song encore; the band played the emotionally charged, ‘Robbers,’ followed by ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Sex,’ the two singles  (both BBC Radio hits) that launched the band into musical success. On Wednesday night, the band turned Club Nokia into their 80’s dance hall and filled it with loyal and excitable fans. If there was any band that embodies John Hughes’ Brat Pack era films, it is quintessentially The 1975.