TBT: The 1975 in Los Angeles

Now, this is not a review of a recent gig. Given that’s it’s “Throwback Thursday,” however, I will indulge. This past year, I got to see The 1975 twice when they were in Los Angeles for their first tour since releasing their debut album. Both gigs were impressively sold out and the fans were…well fanatic to say the least. The first night I saw them was in Santa Ana on Halloween, and the entire show was extremely high energy and lead singer Matt Healy even said it was his favorite American gig to date. The band played all the hits, including “Chocolate,” “Sex,” “Girls,” and a personal favorite of mine, “Heart Out.” The enthusiasm and passion that all four members have for their music is what keeps me coming back. Quiet and concentrated, Adam Hann methodically plays his guitar while bassist Ross Macdonald incessantly bobs up and down to the beat of the music. While singing, Healy dances around the stage and sips out of a wine bottle and George Daniel bangs his drums so hard that his knuckles often start to bleed. It is no surprise that this new band (though they have been together for 10 years as Healy reminds us in every interview) has seen so much success. They interact with the audience through their raw music and are amazingly talented. Given the whirlwind of a year they’ve had, the band is only beginning to sample a taste of industry success.

Since those shows, The 1975 have been added to almost all major festival lineups, including Coachella, Governors Ball, and Hangout Fest. They recently played to thousands in a sold out Royal Albert Hall. The band will headline yet another sold out show at Club Nokia on April 16th.


Matt Healy on stage in Santa Ana