Close your eyes and listen to Until The Ribbon Breaks’ new EP and you might believe that a five person team is behind this act’s ambitious sound. It’s actually only one person-Until the Ribbon Breaks is Pete Lawrie Winfield.

I had the pleasure of going to the new UK act’s EP release party last Tuesday night, and UTRB did not disappoint.  Essentially a one man show (he does have two bandmates, though, to fill in the sound), UTRB put on an energetic show for industry folk at an unnamed venue that used to be the location for The Largo. Bar service was a bit slow, but all was forgotten when he took the stage with backing performers.

He debuted tracks off of hisnew EP, “A Taste of Silver,” and paired each heavy hitter with beautifully self-edited mini-films projected onto a screen adjacent to the stage. My favorite of the set was “Romeo,” in which the Peter narrates the Shakespearean love story in a new light, saying that he would choose to kill Romeo and save Juliet. Another favorite among the UTRB’s videos is his mini-film for “Pressure,” which features David Lynch’s 1997 classic, Lost Highway. Both of these tracks feature seductive sounds and interesting harmonies that are evident throughout the rest of the EP.

Yes, UTRB presents live material different from most his peers, but it is his music that separates him from the industry as much as his miniature music films do. The performance featured multiple instruments: varying vocal layers, stellar percussion, guitar, electronic drum kit, and even the trumpet. All these and the delicate lyricism definitely enhanced the experience for the audience. In an industry where flashy, ravy lights seem to dominate, it is refreshing to see an act pair groovy tracks with meaningful videos live.