To Kill A King is another one of my current favorite acts. Formed in 2009, the band has already made a name for itself by relentlessly gigging throughout Europe on their own and with their good friends, Bastille.

The UK five piece have already released several EPs, including “My Crooked Saint” and “Word of Mouth.” Both of these included tracks (“We Used to Protest/Gamble” and “Funeral”) which would later be featured on their debut album, “Cannibals With Cutlery” (buy here). The band’s nostalgic sounds can be likened to early Mumford and Sons and The National, but singer Ralph Pelleymounter’s deep and sorrowful voice really makes the listener feel the emotions behind the songs. Combined with awesome melodies and stellar lyrics, their tracks prove that the band has the potential to be a beloved indie band (not that they aren’t already).

Just having played SXSW this past week, the band is already embarking on their first U.S. tour this Spring. The band will be hitting all the cities featured in this beautiful All-American Tour Trailer and opening for Bastille in the March/April leg of their sold-out “All This Bad Blood” Tour. Whether or not you’re going to a Bastille gig or you’ve got a free night to check out To Kill A King (TKAK), do it. You won’t want to miss out.

One of my favorite songs by the band, “Choices,” was featured in lead singer Ralph’s amazing “Balcony Sessions.”  It stars To Kill A King, Bastille, and Emily and The Woods. Give it a listen, it sounds like Spring in a song with its harmonized ooo-oo-ooo’s.


Go give them a thumbs up if you thought that video was awesome! More details about their tour can be found on their Facebook page.

UPDATE: You can download “My Crooked Saint” for FREE here from their website. Why wouldn’t you do it?