Artist: Kings of Leon

Let me just start by saying that there is a huge part of me that is telling myself that this post is unnecessary because the world surely must know by now how truly fabulous Kings of Leon really are, but then I talk to people who think they only have one album, can only name Sex on Fire and/or Use Somebody, and think the Kings are destined to be one hit wonders and I just… no.

So whether you’re new to the scene and want some background info or you’re a long-time fan who wouldn’t mind a refresher course because six albums can sometimes be hard to keep up with , I’m about to take a minute just sit right there and I’ll tell you all the reasons why you should love Kings of Leon.

I’ll try to keep it short.

First, their story.

their story

Three southern brothers who grew up listening to their father revive church congregations every week and living out of their car end up dropping out of school, convincing their cousin to play guitar with them, and going on to take over the rock world with their epic jams. It’s quite a tale. And it’s told exceptionally well in a documentary that’s actually kinda cinematic genius (and no I didn’t just tear up at re-watching the trailer even though I own a copy of the DVD [yes I did]). As if the rags-to-riches, nobody-to-somebody-huge story isn’t enough to endear you to the band, the fact that they were raised as god-fearing individuals who believed most music was a sin yet manage to make the most rock-worthy rock I’ve heard in years should at least fascinate you enough to give em a try.

Secondly, the actual band members.

really, need i say more?

really, need i say more?

It is common knowledge for people that know me that I have a List of People Whose Artistic Brains I’d Love to Explore, and it literally begins: 1. Nathan Followill 2. Nick Grimshaw 3. Caleb Followill 4. Eddie Vedder 5. Matthew and Jared Followill. Eddie Vedder is behind half of the band. Eddie freaking Vedder guys. And while it’s true that the boys of KOL have been known to say many ridiculous things, they also tend to be so profound you just kinda want to sit by yourself for a moment and let it sink in. Watch the docu, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Just by following Nathan and Jared on twitter, I know they are my kind of people.

Finally, the music.

They have six studio albums, as well as EPs and some live stuff (and Jared even has a side project but that’s not the point) but the albums are as follows:


Youth and Young Manhood

Youth and Young Manhood

Fave Tracks: TraniTalihina SkyHappy AloneDusty


Aha Shake Heartbreak

Aha Shake Heartbreak

Fave Tracks: The BucketTaper Jean GirlMilkSlow Night So Long


Because of the Times

Because of the Times

Fave Tracks: Legit the whole thing. This is tied with Joshua Tree and Srgt Peppers as my favorite album ever made ever (but if i had to pick four… Knocked UpFansArizonaTrue Love Way)


Only by the Night

Only By The Night

Fave Tracks: Cold DesertBe SomebodyRevelryCloser


Come Around Sundown

Come Around Sundown

Fave Tracks: PyroPickup TruckBack Down SouthNo Money

And on September 24th 2013, they hit us with their newest piece of genius


Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull

Fave Tracks: Beautiful War, Family Tree, Temple, Wait for Me

Honestly, none of the other stuff matters if they can’t balls up and produce some seriously good music, therefore – more so than any other reason listed – their music is why you should care.

Their music runs the gamut from pure jams to emotional arena rockers. And like I mentioned earlier, their third album, Because of the Times, is honestly one of the best albums I have ever heard in my life. I mean, sometimes I can exaggerate but I am 100% serious right now. It is sequenced perfectly and has hit after hit after hit. Truthfully, five of my top ten fave KOL songs (because yeah right I can pick a favorite) are off of Because of the Times. It’s just an all around quality record.

And not just BOTT; every KOL album to date flows fabulously and can deffo be categorized as ‘car albums.’ And ‘car albums’ are the best because you just pop those in and go – let the CD play out, maybe even start over, and never feel the need to mess with your tunes.

And wow are they are so good live. I’ve seen them three times now and all three shows were pretty much life changing experiences because geez man, so good.

Okay so now that I’ve written over 800 words, I guess what the main point of this whole shebang is simply:

Kings of Leon = Yes. Good.