Interview: BROODS

Caleb and Georgia Notts, BROODS

“Goosebumps.” If you close your eyes and listen to BROODS’ entire debut EP from beginning to end, you will feel goosebumps on your arms and tingles down your spine. BROODS  is a “dream pop” brother-sister duo from New Zealand that is undoubtedly on the brink of conquering the music world with Georgia’s ethereal voice floating atop beautifully textured sounds. The siblings, Caleb Nott (21) and Georgia Nott (19) are working closely with Joel Little (who produced Lorde’s Pure Heroine) on their debut album.

Thought they just debuted their EP, the globetrotting siblings  have already followed up with a video for their new single, “Never Gonna Change.”  On top of that, Caleb and Georgia have been busy laying down new tracks and touring the world. “Bridges,” their stunning single off their Broods EP, is nearing 600,000 listens on SoundCloud and their sounds have already won Billboard praise. The duo will return to the states in late April for a tour and release their debut album later this year.

I had a chance to speak with Caleb, the group’s multi-instrumentalist, while the duo was touring North America.

How was it playing your first shows in America? How did it feel?

It was awesome, loved it! We didn’t know what to expect at all. To be honest, we would have been happy if anyone showed up [to the shows]…but it was so full that there ended up being a line down the block.

Could you tell me a bit more about you and Georgia, how did this all get started?

Well, Georgia and I are brother and sister, so we pretty much started as soon as we could. Luckily, our parents were always very supportive. In high school, I had a very old school teacher who made us sing old English war songs….I was about to quit music, but then we had this new teacher come in and play Gorillaz, and he said we could study whatever we liked…Red Hot Chilli Peppers, etc. I was like, “Yes!” And he encouraged us to write music. We were previously in a band, but when that didn’t work out, Georgia and I decided to go it on our own. Then we had support from Joel [Little], and about a year ago, we would go in the studio whenever we had time, you know, on University holidays and stuff. We slowly chipped away and had new material. Then we released our song “Bridges” in October on SoundCloud and had a show for our family and friends…then it all sort of blew up. Then 2 months later, we flew to LA…and (laughs) got a record deal!

You guys are signed to Capitol! That is a huge deal for anyone, let alone a band as young as you guys are. How does it feel, being signed to such a prominent label? Are you used to this new life yet (touring, recording, etc.)?

Oh, we pinch ourselves everyday. It [the new life] is very new to us. It’s pretty tiring, but I’m sure we’ll get used to it. I mean it’s amazing, being able to travel the world and see all these places doing what you love, it’s pretty awesome.

Could you explain the band name? 

Well, we tried to come up with something short and punchy. And a brood is the bird equivalent of a litter…the music is a bit moody and a bit dark sometimes.

What is it like working with your sister?

We’ve been best friends since we can remember really, traveling the world with your best friend. Our little sister, Olivia wants to (travel) with us though, be a Katy Perry sister.

How would you describe your sound?

Oh…this one’s a hard one. What we came up with the other day is dream pop. I’ve listened to Georgia’s voice since she was [singing as] a little kid, but it still gives me goosebumps so that must mean something.

How is it like working with Joel?

We’ve been working with Joel for three years. It’s kind of built up to where it is now. We built a relationship, he’s a really cool dude. He’s so down to earth. Every now and then he [Joel] will have a vision he wants to try out and we’ll give him a little space and let him do what he wants. Sometimes it’ll work, but sometimes it won’t…but he has input on what we do. He’s a very talented dude and is a very big part of our project. We started [recording our debut album] a few weeks ago, we have four tracks down, in a week and a half.

Could you talk about “Never Gonna Change”?

Yeah, it’s our new single. It’s our single in the UK at the moment. Yeah, Georgia wrote it about a break up not too long ago.  And she wanted to write a song about feeling sorry for yourself; in the moment you’re in after losing that person, you [feel like] your emotions are never going to change. It’s a song about holding onto that one emotion…she wrote it so that there wasn’t going to be a solution in the song…

What are you looking forward to the most in 2014?

We got a few support tours coming…yeah we’re supporting [Haim] in the UK…then we are coming back to the states in late April. After the US tour, we are supporting Ellie Goulding on her tour in Australia and New Zealand!

Tour Dates (US)

04/24 – Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO
04/26 – Schubas Tavern – Chicago, IL
04/30 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY
05/02 – U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC
05/03 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
05/04 – Great Scott – Allston, MA
05/06 – Il Motore – Montreal, QC
05/07 – Underground at The Drake – Toronto, ON
05/09 – The Media Club – Vancouver, BC
05/10 – Barboza – Seattle, WA
05/11 – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR
05/13 – The Independent – San Francisco, CA
05/14 – Echo – Los Angeles, CA
05/15 – The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
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